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We provide a wide range of pest control services for your home and business including, but not limited to:

•Residential and Commercial
•Termite Control
Post-Construction Partial and Spot treatments      with Termidor
WDI Inspections

•Ant and Roach Control
•Spider Control
•Rodent Control and Exclusion Work (Rats and Mice)
•Mosquito Programs

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Many insects are considered pests by humans. Those insects regarded as pests include those that are parasitic (mosquitoes, lice, bed bugs), transmit diseases (mosquitoes, flies), damage structures (termites), or destroy agricultural goods (locusts, weevils). Many more insects are beneficial to the environment and to humans. Some insects, like wasps, bees, butterflies, and ants, pollinate flowering plants.

Grasshoppers, Roaches, and their kin. Medium to larger insects that live on land. They have a leathery forewing and hind wings that fold like fans or no hind wing. They have mouth parts to chew their food.

Termites. These are ant like creatures with small, soft-bodies. They live in colonies and have castes assigned to specific chores. Some individuals have four wings.

Bees, Wasps, and Ants. There is a wide range of sizes from tiny too large. They are a social animal living in colonies. Individuals have two pairs of thin, transparent wings. The hindwing is smaller. Mouth parts are either designed for chewing or for sucking. Some have ‘stingers’, the only insects to have such.

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